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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today was supposed to be the coolest day in the next several days so I thought I'd go for a morning paddle. I got a late start and didnt arrive until 11am and it was already very humid and no wind at all so it was pretty hot even though the air temp was only 84.
I started at the Eagle Creek Park Marina to paddle the northern half of this reservoir which I have already documented the paddle of the southern half in my first paddle report. Its 8$ to launch here. Here is a picture of the marina where I put in at just north of the halfway point of the reservoir and I will paddle north up to the creek which fills this reservoir.

The marina rents some newer pontoon boats, 9ft kayaks, canoes and some old sunfish sailboats and peddle boats. It has some drinks and snacks too. Not bad for a little park run operation.

This portion of the reservoir is home to the Indianapolis Rowing Center which hosts many national collegiate rowing championships as well as youth and adult rowing classes. It was also the rowing location for the PanAm games in the 1980's. You can see some of the 7 lanes' marker bouy's below.

This is just a shot looking south toward the 56th st bridge. It was a very calm day.

This is a picture as the reservoir narrows into the creek toward the northern most part of the reservoir. Lots of driftwood and debris floating in the water from the wet spring we had. I also saw a bald eagle near here but I couldnt get a picture of it. It swooped down from the trees and missed its fish and went right back up into the trees and I lost it.

If you have driven through Indianapolis on interstate 65 going to or from Chicago you pass right over this bridge on the northern most part of Eagle Creek reservoir.

The Lafayette Road bridge was rather low. I actually had to keep my paddle strokes low to pass through and my head had about 6" of clearance it felt like.

I got another 100 yards past the Lafayette road bridge and there was a lot of muck in the water so I decided to turn around here.

Now with this post and the previous southside of Eagle Creek post you have seen all of my home paddling grounds. From one end to the other.

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