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Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 1, 2 hours

The first step in the construction of the Wood Duck 10 from is to glue and fiberglass the CNC panels which make up the boats 10' length. You simply lay the parts down so the side that will be the inside of the boat faces up, glue the joints, then, apply fiberglass cloth and wet it out with a brush. The joints are interlocking which makes things very easy.

I was curious why the epoxy had not set much after the first hour. Turns out the MAS epoxy which came with the kit takes much longer to cure than the Glen-L epoxy I used on my Glen-L "Zip" build. Had I known this I would have bought the kit without the epoxy and used the Glen-L epoxy or bought the MAS "fast" hardener. The effects of the slow curing MAS epoxy will be even worse since I am working in cool, autumn, temperatures. I'm going to look into getting the fast hardener.

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