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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 3, 7 hours total build time

I only spent a couple hours today before work this afternoon. Man, it was WINDY today, yikes.
I wired in the last former which for some reason did not have holes pre-drilled like the rest. Not sure why, perhaps just an oversight at CLC? The hull had the holes drilled but the former did not. I drilled the holes in the former myself and installed it.Then I began wiring the bow and stern together. I wet the last 20 inches of the bow and stern with boiling water and let the towel steam the areas for about 15 min. I then pulled the ends together and taped them. Next, my buddy Scott that was over visiting at lunch today twisted the wires while I held the ends tightly together and aligned them. Worked great. A lot of folks voiced trouble with this step on the 10ft wood duck since the bend is a bit more severe than the 12 and 14 ft models and it went quite easily for me. "I'd rather be lucky than good anyday." I did drill extra holes and add extra wires on the ends to distribute the load better and keep any wires from pulling through the wood, I think that helps a lot. Next up is to bevel the edge of the side planks and wire them in. I wont work on the Kayak again until this weekend.

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