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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Painted. 76 hours

The kayak is now painted. 2 coats of Interlux Prekote. Sanded with 220 between coats. 3 Coats of Interlux Brightsides in Hatteras off-white, rolled and tipped on, sanded with 320 between coats except the last 2nd coat was sanded with 400 in prep for the final coat. It wound up taking 3 coats.

I just applied 3 coats of RustOleum Topside in Deep Green for the stripe. I applied all three coats tonight with about an hour between each coats. I will likely sand with 400 and do one or two more coats on the stripe or maybe not, well see how it looks when it cures. Then Im going to paint some bigger scrap pieces with the Rustoleum Topside to compare to Interlux. The Rustoleum smells the best, it smells like a mix of berries and gasoline. I kinda enjoy it. :)
I also brought my other boat I built out of storage today and brought it home.

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