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Saturday, February 12, 2011

45 hours. Mating Hull and Deck

Finally, some temps above freezing. I can heat the garage without ice backing up on the gutters making ice dams. Hope to work on the kayak a lot this week, supposed to have 40-50 degree temps all week.

In the photo above the deck is ready to wire and tack glue to the hull. The wires are ready to pull the two halves together. The wood between the hull and deck holds them apart enough to apply the glue in the fore and aft sections where glue cant be applied from the cockpit access.
Here I am applying the epoxy to the hull in the bow area. Next, I will remove the wood spacer and twist the wires together after careful alignment.
After all the wires are twisted together I applied stretch wrap tape over the hull and deck to further secure the two together.

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