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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paddle, Eyestrap, Planing. 51 hours

I ordered a paddle for the Kayak monday and it arrived today. I choose the Mistrel Hybrid 240cm from Chesapeake Light Craft. It has a composite shaft and the blades are made of cedar, butternut and basswood. It also comes with drip rings. The total weight is a very light 28oz and the price is pretty reasonable for such a light weight, good looking paddle. CLC had free shipping on certain items this month so I took advantage of that and got the paddle before the sale ends at the end of Feb.
I also bought a carbon fiber eyestrap from CLC. This item is a dissapointment. It looked much bigger in the pictures online. Its made of carbon fiber and looks cool close up. In actuality the eyestrap is very small. Only a very small diameter rope will fit through its opening. At 9$ each I am glad I only bought one. I wish it was about twice the size that it is. The catalog says a friend of CLC hand makes these eyestraps. To install them the strap is simply epoxied in place.
All I have done building wise this week is plane the deck/hull junction on the exterior. There is a slight overhang in a couple spots that needed trimmed down.

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  1. I was keen on the carbon padeyes too. I see what you mean, a bit small. Boat looks great, keep us posted.