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Monday, March 28, 2011

1 Primer coat. 71 hours

After lots more sanding I applied the first primer coat today. Nope, I didnt stutter, I said primer. Yup, I'm covering up that pretty wood with paint. Just how much am I covering up and what colors you ask? Not gonna tell, you'll have to wait and see. Im using Interlux PreKote primer and Interlux Brightside paint. The stripes will be done with Rustoleum TopCoat. Im very interested in how these paints compare to the other boat paint I used on my Zip. I know the Interlux will be good but how much better? Other folks have had good luck with the TopCoat from Rustoleum so I wanted to try it to increase my experience with many different brands. The appeal of Rustoleum TopCoat is that its available at Lowes for just over half the price of Interlux. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to apply the second coat of primer. Then, first color coat hopefully by thurs. 3-4 coats of color through sunday. Finally striping early next week. When its all painted including the stripes I'll post pictures of the paint job.

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