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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fill coats & sanding, 68 hours.

This weekend I applied 4 coats of epoxy over the fiberglass to fill-in the weave. I was suprised it took so many coats. I got the best coverage using a brush instead of a foam roller but brushing also lead to some runs that will need to be sanded out.

I am now out of the MAS Epoxy that came with the kit. I still have some Poxy-Shield brand epoxy from Glen-L that I used on my other boat build. I will use the Poxy-Shield for fiberglassing the cockpit coaming and any touch ups if I happen to sand too deep.

The epoxy resin is pretty nice looking itself. I cant wait to start varnishing! Notice the garage is open. It was 70 something degrees today, 20 degrees above average for this time a year. We even grilled and ate our dinner outside tonight. Then I started sanding.

This is after the first pass of sanding. Gotta get all those shiny little low spots sanded out. I plan to sand from 120 up to 320 before varnishing.

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