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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fiberglassed Hull 61 hours

Today I fiberglassed the bottom and sides of the hull. Pretty easy going. The only tricky parts are the bow and stern. What I did on the bow and stern was leave plenty of excess cloth over the at the end of the left side of the kayak as pictured below and lap that around the stern and underlap the right side cloth about an inch. Then, I laid the right side cloth over the 1" underlap and I have about 2 inches of excess that I will cut it off flush with the end of the right side once it hardens. I did the same for the bow. The stern just shows this better in the pictures.I am very happy with the fiberglass job so far. Its one of those steps that if done well, nobody knows it is even there but if done wrong can end up looking terrible and be very difficult to fix. That makes a lot of first time builders nervous because they have never worked with fiberglass. Its really quite simple though and the instructions included in the kit are adequate for the first time fiberglasser.

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