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Thursday, January 6, 2011

24 hours / 10 days.

I spent the last couple days and about 5 hours test fitting and wiring the deck to the hull. After 3 attempts I am happy with the fit. I had to remove the deck a couple times to close up some gaps in the deck pieces then re-install. It now appears symmetrical on both sides with no gaps.
I ran out of the supplied copper wire so I have switched to stainless steel lock/safety wire.

Now that everything fits nicely, the instructions have you remove the deck and tack glue between all the wires then remove all the wires. I think I will tack glue between the wires the sections of the hull and deck that I can access by reaching inside the kayak before I remove the deck. I think that will help ensure the two halves hold their shape when removed.


  1. Chris, when I built my kayak I used copper wire and it worked great. I would be careful using stainless. The copper wire can be held in place and can remain in the wood while the epoxy sets up and then you can sand it down. You can hardly see the copper and the few places that you can, it just blends in and looks great. You can not do that with stainless wire.

    Your kayak is looking great.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Ted. I am going to remove all the wires though and not leave any in place so it shouldnt be a factor.