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Sunday, January 30, 2011

43 hours. Interior fiberglass

I didnt work on the WoodDuck at all last week. The temps were below zero at night and single digits during the day and since the next step involved fiberglassing which needs at least 55F my heaters just cant compete with temps that low, so nothing got done.

This weekend I fiberglassed the cockpit of the hull interior and encapsulated the entire hull interior in epoxy. 2 coats are recommended I did 3 coats in the cockpit and two on the rest. You can see the results up close in the photo below, the fiberglass weave has almost completely disappeared.

I also wet out the fiberglass tape in the deck seams and encapsulated the underside of the deck with 2 coats of epoxy, which really makes the Sapele wood grain pop. I didnt sand the glass tape seams on the underside of the deck much at all. I figured no one would see the underside of the deck so I only sanded enough that it wouldnt be rough on the paddlers knees if they rub on the underside. I've noticed my fillets are a little larger than others I have seen so my WoodDuck is not likely to be the lightest one ever built but I bet is rugged and lasts for a long time.

I should be just about ready to attach the deck to the hull sometime this week. Man, my shop is a mess, someone should clean it up before I trip on something......again.

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