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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

29 hours: Minor Disaster

I got everything tacked on the hull then filleted the transom and bow. Finally, I tacked the deck and placed it on the hull and began loosely wiring it in place so the deck joints could cure at the correct angles. The deck needed to scoot forward a little so I put my putty knife between the transom and the deck's rear edge to gently scoot it forward with a little prying action. It didnt easily move the deck forward so I pried a little more and all the tacks on the transom let loose!!!!! Ahww S&%!

Now what, the tacks on the deck are wet and going to cure in the wrong position if I just remove it. The transom is filleted and a mess now.

I decided to get the deck in place except for the aft 6" then used some super glue wicked into the deck joints from the outside to quickly harden the epoxy and the deck would be the proper shape in less than 5 minutes. I then removed the deck and re-stiched the transom. I couldnt get the curve exactly the same so it doesnt have the same arc, its more flat in the butt now. It is wired and clamped straight left to right though and should not be a problem. It just wont have as nice of a curved transition from the bottom to top of the transom.

I could have removed the epoxy from the transom with a putty knife and let it sit a day then come back to it and gotten the curve better but it really would have been a mess removing the epoxy so I am fine with it. I dont think anyone will notice the way it is unless you were to set mine next to another wood duck 10 and study them both closely, its a difference of 1/4", but I know its there. ;)

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