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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

32 hours: First Fillets

this evening I began removing the wires in the hull and filleted the seams. The closest bulkhead pictured is the one permanent bulkhead. The others will be removed now.
Since I will not be installing a rear deck hatch I have deviated from the instructions and have not epoxied the permanant bulkhead in place.
When omitting the rear dech hatch the bulkhead needs to be removable until the deck is permanently attached so the seam between the deck and hull can be fiberglassed from the inside. Without the deck hatch, temporary removal of the bulkhead is your only access to the rear of the inside of the boat. Once the seam is epoxied and fiberglassed then the bulkhead can be epoxied in or siliconed in so that it can be removed for maintenance if the need ever arises. Thanks to the CLC boat forum folks for the silicone tip.
I was at first apprehensive about having to remove the bulkhead but have learned the prototype Wood Duck 10 never had a bulkhead at all. It was later added to the design to make the deck more rigid. So my hull should hold its shape just fine with the bulkhead removed for a few hours.

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